Sale items:
As a general rule all orders that undergo customization are NON-Refundable.

Custom Orders:

1. DIOZ Group DBA ALANIC International does not accept returns or exchanges for items that have been customized.

2. Customers are advised to carefully choose their customization details and keep a copy of the confirmation notice for future reference.

3. DIOZ Group DBA ALANIC International is not responsible for delays caused by third parties, such as shipping companies or unforeseen circumstances like weather conditions, that are beyond their control.

4. Project Items are not considered faulty unless there are significant production errors that make them unfit for use.

5. Custom products may have a standard industry variance of 10% in terms of errors with logo print, fabric consumption, and sizing. While efforts are made to ensure accuracy, some variations are acceptable due to the nature of customization.

6. If no action is taken by the customer within 45 days of order confirmation or deposit payment, all payments for the order will be forfeited.

7. The remaining balance for orders is due in full upon completion of bulk production and prior to shipping. A grace period of up to seven days from the invoice date is allowed, after which a daily warehousing fee will be added to the invoice based on cargo dimensions.

8. Once a deposit is paid for a custom order, the order is considered “active” and resources are allocated accordingly. No refunds are offered on deposits for custom orders. If a refund is approved under exceptional circumstances, it will be reduced by all costs incurred by DIOZ Group DBA ALANIC International related to design, logistics, materials, labor, and time.

9. Pricing for orders can change during the development process due to market costs for raw materials, freight/fuel, import fees, and labor. After sample approval, the final costs are confirmed, and any variance in pricing will be adjusted in the balance payment due upon completion of production before shipping the goods.

Please note that these statements are interpreted based on the information provided and may not reflect the actual policies of the company. It’s always advisable to refer to the official terms and conditions or contact Alanic directly for accurate information.