Global Manufacturing Leaders

Founded in 2006 Dioz Group has rapidly grown from its humble beginnings as a small apparel brand to an international manufacturing powerhouse comprised of three separate brands. Oasis Apparel, Alanic Activewear, and 8 Health.

A Global Conglomerate


Proudly supplying and partnering with over 2000 companies worldwide, offering the widest range of custom apparel and healthcare supplies. 

Our Product and Services range from:

  • Medical Uniforms and Workwear Uniforms
  • Branded Private Label Merchandise and Accessories.
  • Custom Event Apparel and Giveaways
  • Promotional Products
  • Healthcare Supplies and Equipment

Oasis Apparel

Oasis Apparel, the manufacturing arm of Dioz Group, has a strategic network of over 50 factories globally that supplies fitness apparel, uniforms, bags, towels, and accessories for a broad range of clients including Fortune 500 companies, global sporting events, celebrity retail brands and more.

Alanic Activewear

Dioz Group’s running and endurance brand Alanic Activewear provides high-quality participant athletic apparel to marathons and extreme athletic challenges including Tough Mudder, San Francisco Marathon, Manchester Marathons, Spartans, and Vancouver Sun Run. 

8 Health

8 Health operates in the health, wellness, and medical industries to provide healthcare essentials and personal protective equipment (PPE) to consumers and businesses including hospitals, biolabs, and government bodies, and school districts.


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With offices in Beverly Hills, London, Sydney, India, Dubai, and China, Dioz Group operates 24/7 to serve clients with their expansive network of manufacturing, logistics, and distribution partners.